The new little house trend that gives you wanderlust

If you ever look at small houses with curiosityor have longed for a nomadic life, there is a new little home trend that will make you go on epic adventures. Imagine that you have a perfectly instable home, are never tied to one place, and have the ability to go offline. What are we talking about? Beautiful converted campers, vans and airstreams.

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It turns out, RV's are not onlyfor retirees and people who can keep an eye on inner disorder. More and more people are turning older recreational vehicles into design-oriented, functional little houses. Honestly, the interiors of these small rooms are more modern than many apartments - and if they come from a big city, they may seem even more spacious.

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Many of these RVs were from theirsOwners built, which means that you can fully learn how to do that. It will be hard not to go out on the street after seeing these rooms.

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