Trendy 18 Box Braids with color hairstyles that you can try

Box Braids are the most wonderful invention in the worldWorld of hairstyle. This hairstyle is high on the popularity scale of African American blacks. And the addition of color to the carton braids is a significant improvement in the effect of carton braids. When you apply color to the pigtails of the box, your beauty will bring you a different level of perfection and gorgeousness. In this article, we present you the most colorful boxing hairstyle that will definitely be a fairy tale. So let us immerse ourselves.

# Rainbow braids

Color your hair with the color of the rainbow andmake yourself a colorful competitor of the rainbow. This hairstyle consists of thick box braids and several different colors on the braids. This colorful hairstyle will give you a festive look as well as the beauty.

Rainbow braids

# Hair wonderland

Hairwonderland is the hairstyle of the imagination. Can you imagine this beautiful hairstyle yourself? This is the combination of the box braids and the dreadlocks. The colorful braids create a heavenly wonderland of hair that can enchant anyone in any place.

Hair wonderland

# Rainbow braids; Second look

Here is another example ofRainbow braids. The difference is the positioning and shape of the braids. Here, the braids are formed into a knot and the rest of the braids can hang freely on the side of the shoulder. The color combination is almost the same as the first hairstyle of this article, but the effect is significantly different.

Raibow braids; Second look

# Purple and fuchsia box braids

Purple and fuchsia box braids are the box braidswith the famine color; Pink and purple. The braids are long and two-tone. This hairstyle is one of the best-equipped hairstyles for African American black women.

Purple and fuschia box braids

# Protective and colorful

This is a colored sexy box braiding hairstyle. There is no mess in the color and just beautiful. The thick colored braids give the woman who wears them heavenly beauty.

Protective and colorful

# Ombre box braids hair

The African American black women are veryPopular with this Ombre box braids hair. The thin colorful braids are well organized and ponytailed on the head. With this hairstyle, you can just rule the world.

Ombre box braids hair

# Shining girl

Look at the sexy Glow Girl in the picture. She looks very cute and sexy. And there is nothing to explain this beauty. Wear this wonderful hairstyle and let the world fall in love with your hairstyle.

Shining girl

# Proxima Box Braids

If you see these thick and colored braids,you do not need an explanation for that. And I'm not ready to explain it to you. You to judge the effect and beauty of this stunning hairstyle.

Proxima box braids

# Blue box braids with beads

Let your braids be blue and leave you like onePrincess glow. Look at the girl's hairstyle on the picture. The blue in her is the beauty in her. And not to forget is the fun part, here are the beads that make the braids sparkle, the fun part.

Blue box braids with pearls

# Reddish node

Well, this is something for the African Americanscommon. The reddish color of the box braids radiates the angelic beauty of the girl in the picture. The knots and the free braids are like the hanging gold droplets.

Reddish node

# Multi-colored

Let's call this hairstyle multicolored. Actually, it is very confusing to name it. Here the braids are positioned on both sides of the head and the color is unique for each braid from both sides. The more color you wear, the sweeter and more attractive you are.


# Black and blue

If you have these black and blue giant potshow do you combine the girl in the picture, what will you look like? Well, it's easy to predict. The natural color and a synthetic color combination make every African American a heavenly angel.

Black and blue

# Short colored braids

So far we have the long huge onesBox braids seen with paint. And now it's time to make the colorful braids short. Look at the girl in the picture wearing the short colored braids. And the beauty and the effect are just like the long colored braids. Do not forget to use a flower crown on your head for the ultimate effect.

Short colored braids

# Blonde box braids

Yes, we have the blond braids in the colorful onesCounted braids. These blond colored braids can turn any African American woman into a sweet and stunning princess like the girl in the picture.

Blonde box braids

# Reddish ponytail

Here's another example of a colored oneBox braids, The whole braids are dyed reddish and the braids are shaped into a ponytail on top of the head, And as always, this ponytail rocks.

Reddish ponytail

# Golden box braids

There are some hairstyles that go beyond any discussion, explanation and recommendation. You can even understand the enchanting effect of this gorgeous blonde box braiding hairstyle.

Golden box braids

# Lemonade box braids

Lemonade Box Braids are the monochrome braidswith beautiful pearls. This crazy hairstyle is suitable for any kind of tour, holiday, party or festival. Get ready for the next ceremony you'll do with these beautiful Lemonade Box Braids.

Lemonade box braids with color

# Pinkie finger

Maybe this hairstyle can tempt youto do one. The thick braids are beautifully positioned with one or two pink braids. And two natural colored braids were used to wrap the back of the head in a knot.

pinkie finger

We've done our part and now it's your turn. Let us know which colored box braids you have selected for your next hairstyle in the comment box.

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