25 hairstyles for medium-length hair

Scroll page by page to the latestFashion magazines, and you will see that almost all high-end models have a certain hair length, which is short, but rather on the longer side. This type of hair length is called Medium short hair, Medium-high short hair is this seasonand all for the good reasons. It is usually shoulder-length, which means that the ends fall to the shoulder. Many hairstyles can be made with this hair length and help you choose the right one that we have put together Hairstyles for medium short hair.

1- Curly hair

Curly hair, curly length medium wavy

Curls on medium-long hair look absolutely fantastic. They give a kind of beach and surfing atmosphere that will lift your mood this season. You can make your curls loose or shaped according to your choice. You can even curl your hair with very thin strands. This technique makes your hair appear fuller than it was in its original state. You can make this hairstyle at home by using hair curlers or a curling machine and you can also go to a hair salon to get it done.

2- Simple braids for short hair

Simple braids for short hair, Hairtyles Short hair braid

Lichen will increase your appearance and itmake it more elegant. The great thing about braids is that there are so many options and you can try so many types. You can do a French braid, Dutch braid and many more. You can braid your entire hair or opt for a semi-braided style by braiding a few strands of hair from the front and sticking them to the back of the head. This hairstyle gives you a regal look and is perfect for special occasions.

3- Nice blond hair

Nice blond hair, blond praise balayage long

Blonde hair color changes the whole look ofmedium-long hair. The color will pop your short hair and give you a funny, cheeky look. You can opt for slightly darker colored stripes to give your hair color more liveliness. This makes your hair voluminous and you can style it in many ways. Although we have to say that curls look best on this type of hair color. You can do yours blond hair in sweet half updos even like thatBack-knot rolls, by taking a few strands on the back and binding it in a small knot like buns. This hairstyle is also suitable for special occasions.

4- Hairstyle for medium short hair

Hairtyles for Medium Short Hair, Short Hair Length Short

5- Nice hair with buns on the back

Nice hair, length Medium Shrimpton 45

6- Short to medium stacked hair

Blonde bob medium bone

7- Lean and cheeky dark brown tress

Hair Kim Kardashian All

8- Braids and Bun for breathtaking views

Hair Hairstyles Simply Sweet

9 - Nice Balayage Soft Tone

Medium long blonde balayage

10- Asymmetrical thick Pixie cut

Bob Medium Balayage stacked

11 - shoulder length blonde with side bangs

Short disheveled bob hair

12 - Loose Perm mid-crest hair

Curly hair of medium length

13 - Blonde big waves

Balayage Blonde hair length

14 - Long daily haircut

Balayage hair color length

15 - Shoulder-length Messy Hair 2018

Length Choppy Balayage hair

16- Braided Crown for Prom

Short Hairstyle Wedding Braided

17 - Half Up Half Down Bridesmaid Hairstyle

Wedding Hair Hairytles

18-Layered Middle Length Mane Side View

Layered Bob Balayage Medium

19- Medium Short Challenging Bob

Short hair Julianne length

20- Easy to do Low maintenance

Wedding Hair Half Hairtyles

21 - Balayage Brown front view

Brown Balayage Makeup Hair

22 - Vividly Long Layered Cut Mane Side View

Hair color medium women

23- Short, straight, middle, blonde couples

Length Hairtyles Blond Hair

24- 2018 Medium length female hairstyle

Blonde hair choppy middle

25- "In no time" Casual and party look

To top Kahlo Frida Modern

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