Must-have wardrobe items in any Pantone Fall / Winter 2018 colors

You probably know Pantone as thatCompany responsible for these trendy little color patterns that we think Millennials are so fancy. (You know, the ones we've turned into art installations - or ironic.) But in the fashion world, Pantone is known for something path more important: the seasonal trend report.

Every season (autumn / winter, spring / summer)Pantone publishes a list of the trendiest patterns. These colors are emerging colors that Pantone expects will permeate the cultural zeitgeist in the coming months. And all of them come from designer collections shown at New York Fashion Week.

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So if you are not in the front rowScore points to the best and brightest fall / winter NYFW shows, you're not alone. (In fact, you're in the majority.) But thanks to Pantone, you do not have to skip a beat because you can get a quick overview of the wildest of fashion's palettes in minutes - all you have to do is the more seasonal trend report.

An added bonus: each shade comes with a sweet name, like "Valiant Poppy", a bright red, we can not wait to work in our closets.

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This autumn and winter are red, blue,Yellow, green and purple notes on the menu, occasionally accented with orange or brown. The star of the show (also known as the Color of the Year) is Ultra Violet - a bright, eye-catching purple that will surely twist heads if worn in public.

Wondering which other colors made the cut? (And, more importantly, how to wear them?) Do not be afraid - as usual, we have covered you. Scroll on.

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