Natural Hair Types & Tips for 4 (a, b, c)

Have you ever wondered what kind ofHair you have? All Afro hair is not the same. It's chemistry behind your flourishes curls. Depending on the number of curls, waves, haptics and texture, there are different hair groups.

Type 4 hair can be in most black womanbeing found. This type of hair is extremely wiry and very kinky. It has a very delicate hair texture. It seems very strong and healthy, but it breaks so easily. This type of hair is very rough and dry, so it is important to moisten hair properly to avoid the ball.


This type of hair is tightly wound and has one"S" -shaped pattern. These spiral coils are pretty defined and stretchy. It has a texture that stores moisture well, but still has a habit of getting dry. It can hold the moisture better than other types, but still breaks easily due to its poor natural protection.

Fast hair tipsIf you have 4A hair, you should use the shampoo containing jojoba oil or tea tree oil. Butter can also be used for moisturizing hair.

A deep conditioning must be done after using shampoo. Apply warm coconut oil to the scalp and hair and rinse after 5 minutes.

Do not wash your hair with shampoo every day. It will make the hair drier and brittle.


This type of hair is a bit differentfrom 4A. It has a zigzag shape like "Z". This curl is less defined and firmer. Its texture is super thin and soft. It is more than 4A. It tends to shrink, making it look shorter than its actual length.

Fast hair tips: Since this hair type dries very easily, isthe use of moisture the key to keep the hair alive. Treat your hair at least twice a week with coconut oil, castor oil or almond oil.

Maintain your hair after using shampoo.

Avoid shampoo for everyday use to avoid brittle hair.


This type has the tightest coils and has less definition and more shrinkage than Type 4B. It is thinner, softer and finer than the previous type. 4C is the most sensitive type.

Fast hair tips: Moisten your hair daily. Use creamy, sulfate-free moisturizing cleanser. Use coconut oil, avocado oil or olive oil to treat your hair with extra moisture.

Apply a super moisturizing conditioner after the shampoo

Do not use shampoo every day or it will wash off the natural scalp oil.

Hairstyles Example for 4a / b / c:

  1. One page cut off: It's a very easy way to style curly hair. Cut your hair on one side and release the rest of your hair and you're ready to go!
  1. High bread rolls: Twist your hair and knot in one or more buns. It will give you a carefree, happy look.
  1. Pigtails: It will be very easy for you if you already know how to make braids. Brush your hair gently and make a one-sided braid. Leave some hair on the forehead like pony.

Myths about 4a / b / c hair

There is a common myth or oneMisunderstanding of curly hair that it does not grow fast. NEVER believe in it. Curly hair has the same potential as straight hair to grow. It takes some time to grow as straight hair.

Another misunderstanding is "Curly Hair IsStrong ", where we all know that curly hair is the finest and thinnest and must be treated as a silk scarf. Always pay special attention to your curls.

Never straighten your hair! ....yes another myth. You can smooth your curls with straighteners, but always make sure you use a good hair straightener. Avoid this daily and always moisturize.

It does not matter what kind of hair you have, never forget to take care of it. Always eat healthy and drink water. Good luck!

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