Natural hairstyles for long hair

Long hair is used by every single woman inThis word especially appreciated the African American women. Long hair stands for beauty, confidence and wisdom. For the most part, black women crave the best natural hairstyles for long hair on the Internet, in magazines or other sources. For these people we have made the best 18 natural hairstyles suitable for long hair. These hairstyles are easy to wear, less time consuming and low maintenance. As a result, women of all ages and professions can adopt these beautiful hairstyles. So let us immerse ourselves.

# Ponytails


Ponytails are widely used hairstyles byAfrican American black women around the world. These ponytail hairstyles are best suited for long straight hair like the picture. This will sharpen your look and take confidence to the next level. Use this hairstyle for a stress-free hairstyle.

# Curls


Simple curls is one of the most commonused and most popular hairstyles for the long hair. In these hairstyles, your beautiful curly locks are presented nicely from the back of the head and let them hang around freely. This is so easy and standard hairstyle. But its effects are innumerable.

# Straight blond hair:

Straight blond hair

If you have long beautiful hair, you can use itjust stay. The simpler you are, the nicer you are. All you have to do is dye your hair blond and let it hang freely. Your blond long hair will bow to others in front of you.

# Wavy


Weaves is a good choice for African Americanthick hair. This hairstyle costs almost nothing, but prepares you as a princess. You do not have to feel the disorder due to the maintenance and preparation of this hairstyle, but you will surely look great in this great hairstyle.

# Pearls with corn pigtails


If you long for a long haircut,You can try these long cornrows braids, this time to make a gorgeous hairstyle. Cornrow's hairstyles are a thousand-year-old hairstyle, but still in great demand with some significant or insignificant changes. You can also try these classic and trendy long cornrows braids as your next hairstyle.

# Golden cornrows

Golden cornrows

Previously, we have the natural colored andMost conventional cornrow hairstyle shown. But you can not ignore this golden long braid hairstyle if you are a lover of long hairstyle. This hairstyle will dazzle you in the parties or occasions you visit. You can also try this hairstyle for a tour or a tour.

# Braids, ponytails and curls

Braids, ponytails and curls

Well, here are the braids, the ponytail andthe curls combined with the highlighted blond long hair. Women of young age like this kind of hairstyles the most because they can enjoy multi-styling in a single hairstyle. This super cool hairstyle is also one of my favorites and I recommend this hairstyle as a hairdresser.

# Floral curls

Flowery curls

Long hair can be designed arbitrarily. You can shape it from anything you can imagine. The most popular shapes that are made by the hair are the flowers, like the girl in the picture. This girl has made a hairstyle like a petal and the edges of her hair are curled. This blonde hairstyle is in high demand on this day.

# Blond topknot

Blond hair bun

Topknots and curls have a very nice oneCombination. Women who love the long hairstyles will love this hairstyle very much. Here, first the hair is highlighted with a blond color and in the next step, a nice knot is positioned on the top of the head and the rest of the hair is left free.

# Side knots

side node

This hairstyle is also about knots. Here, the blond hairs are used to place two beautiful knots on the two sides of the top of the head. This fashionable hairstyle will make you the magnetic part of any party or gathering and will force anyone to look twice at you.

# Dreadlocks


Dreadlocks can be a great choice for stylishbe long hair. Dreadlocks hairstyles are just braiding hairstyle. And here are the beautiful wild long braids beautifully presented. This crazy hairstyle will make everyone fall in love with him. Wear this long hairstyle to look like a princess.

# Garnzöpfe

Crochet braids

Maybe yarn braids are the hairstyle you likejust looking for a long hairstyle. This long smooth braid looks heavenly and makes you look like a heavenly angel. Many of the African American women choose this soft long hairstyle for outing, party or tour these days.

# Crochet braids

Crochet braids

If we talk about long hairstyles, we cando not just ignore the long and curly crochet pigtails. These curly braids can be equipped with any type of face shapes and age groups. When you wear this sexy hairstyle, the world bows before you for your boundless beauty.

# Out of the ordinary

Out of the ordinary

This long, extraordinary hairstyle is onelong knotted hairstyle with natural color. Previously we showed the Topknots hairstyle with a blonde color. But this one is of natural color and everyone will love this awesome hairstyle.

# Box braids

Box of braids

Need long hairstyles? Try the long braids. These braids are one of the most beautiful inventions in the world of beauty. The African American black women are very popular with this stunning hairstyle.

# French braided ponytails

French braided ponytails

French braided ponytails applyalso as a good example of long-haired hairstyle among black people. This neat and clean hairstyle will make you look like a heavenly angel and give you the look of a goddess. Try these French braids and ponytails for the newer and more breathtaking you.

# Highlighting box braids

Natural hairstyles for long hair

Well, this one is the last. This is also a box braiding hairstyle. And you know, we've shown the box braiding hairstyle with natural Clo0r before. But this is the blond colored and very sought after hairstyle in Africa, Europe and America.

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