Trendy hair, blunt cut pony

Hello girls! I would like to write something about trendy hair, dull-cut pony! The decision to get dull-cut pony is a big deal. They are not as soft and feminine as your everyday page swept pony and they definitely bring attention to the facial features. So how do you take dull-cut pony and make it work for you?

First try to fix your hair like thatthat you can see what you would look like if you dull your bangs. That way, you can really get a glimpse of what it would look like. Try to look at different lengths of blunt cut bangs. One tip: If you have really small eyes or eyes that are a bit too far apart, you do not want to cut blunt bangs that accentuate them. Especially those who are really close to the eyebrow line. The result can be a little unattractive.

Next, think more about the length. Maybe you like what it looks like now, but there's a chance you'll get tired of the bang and put it aside or otherwise style it. It depends on you. If your pony is a bit longer, it can be a lot easier to style it differently.

Remember that the hair grows again! Maybe you do not like your new haircut very much. But remember that you can always put it back, use a headband. Or make your pony somehow manageable until he has reached his old length again.

Blunt Cut Bangs 2018 Photo Gallery

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