New celebrity takes on natural hair in 2017

The New Year not only brought us brand-new hair ideas based on natural strands of hair, but also chic celebrities natural hair 2017, In fact, some celebrities are absolutelyathletic congenital dizzy curly hair. For example, take Alicia Keys, who has adopted curly hair, and most of all, she has gone nude for natural make-up. Also consider Solange, she always stands for natural hair, whether it be protective hairstyles or authentic curly hair. In contrast, her sister Beyonce has always loved all sorts of wigs and extensions, and this year Glam introduced long waves of smooth bronde shadow. To know more about it black hair trends Inspired by our adorable celebrities, just scroll down this post.

Natural black women hairstyles for 2017

Alicia Keys hairstyles 2017

The famous singer has her styles recentlychanged. Alicia appears at every event with very subtle almost no make-up. And always accompanies her look with authentic hairstyles. Sometimes it's dizzy rings, or her regular curls, and sometimes she goes for headbands and headscarves. The picture above was taken on January 21, when Alicia appeared at Women's March in Washington.

As long as natural hairstyles 2017 at Chloe

This ultimate picture of Solange was addedChloe's Fall 2017 recorded during Paris Fashion Week. The question is, how did she appear there with her dizzying coils? Actually, it looks funny. By the way, did you notice the color change? Yes, it's the trendy brown with a fiery accent. This is Solange, who always looks very specific to her hair, and always inspiring to follow natural hair trends.

Celebrity long natural hair 2017

Rihanna long brunette hairstyles 2017
Beyonce Long Bronde Hairstyles 2017
Naomie Harris Hairstyles 2017
Zoe Saldana natural hairstyles 2017

Even if the tendencies bring us to do soOf course, as much as possible, no one has canceled super-glam looks. Many black celebrities are simply in love with long relaxed or straight hairstyles that can turn into the smartest Hollywood hairstyles. Even the rebel Rihanna, who appeared in January with dreadlocks, has now turned into decent long dark brown hair.

Black celebrity short haircuts

Taraji P. Henson Bob Hairstyles 2017
Viola Davis Short Pixie Hairstyles 2017
Janelle Monae Short Pixie Hairstyles 2017

Last but not least. But not, here are shorthair ideas for natural hair 2017. Janelle Monae Oscars Pixie with cute headband made of jewel flowers has won hearts. Viola Davis Pixie is really Oscar winner. And Taraji's already signature bob haircut looks super sexy and appealing. Try one of the styles you like and follow the hottest trends.

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