Actress Rowan Blanchard on her back-to-school skincare routine and number one beauty tip

A time wrinkles Actress Rowan Blanchard is 16 years old. (We know what you think - we also thought she was like, 25.But in Hollywood, old age is more than anywhere else, just a number - because this teenager has some beauty tips and tricks that go beyond her youth and apply to almost anyone. Curious? Continue reading.

Blanchard has recently become an ambassador forregistered the beauty company Bliss, which officially receives a new brand to make its products more accessible and affordable. (In other words, they're selling in now aim, That's right - Target). Her favorite products of the brand include face masks. She says she does not like to wear a lot of make-up, especially when it's hot outside, so she's working on building her natural complexion, which is flawless and shiny enough to skip the foundation. Â € œI tried to make several masks a weekâ € | I used the Mighty Marshmallow and an exfoliator, "she said Teen Vogue.

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In addition to the moisturizing masksBlanchard regularly uses a scrub on her skin: Aztec Clay. It's not a bliss product - just clay. To use it, just mix it with water - the actress says, "It takes off everything." So as not to dry out your skin also Many times she changes between the bliss masks and the sound.

The beauty tip number one of the teenager isone that you may have heard before - but its lack of novelty makes it no less true. "Do not get on your skin! Because I do that ... and then I get acne scars. My problem is that I like to choose blackheads. Do not do it, "she warns.


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