Three Dutch braids High Bun

Who is ready to take her messy bun a notch?

I love my hair during the hotThis is a great way to keep all those little baby hairs out of the way. If you've tried this style with a braid, you'll love the look of three. Get ready for the compliments! Thank you for reading! xo, missy

Three Dutch Braids High Bun Supplies:

  • Rattailkamm
  • hairband
  • Clip for cutting hair
  • hairclips
  • Medium hairspray

Three Dutch Braids High Bun Instructions:

  • Step 1 / Split a piece of hair from the ears to the crown and tie the front hair out of the way.
  • Step 2 / Spread 1 "hair over the back of the head and cut off the side hairs.
  • Step 3 / f Take a small section near the neck and divide it into three sections for the braid.
  • Step 4 / Make a Dutch braid and add hair until the braid reaches the top of the head.
  • Step 5 / Braid the section a little further down and slide a hair clip over the ends.
  • Step 6 / Release the hair on the left side and repeat the same steps to create a second Dutch braid.
  • Step 7 / Repeat the same steps a third time by creating another Dutch braid with the hair on the right side of the head.
  • Step 8 / Combine all hair together at the top of the head.
  • Step 9 / Remove the bobby pins from the ends of the braids.
  • Step 10 / Wrap a hair band over the hair, then spread the ponytail around the hair band and wrap it twice over the hair to form the base of the bun.
  • Step 11 / Insert the hair to the left in the hair band in front of the bun
  • Step 12 / Stick all parts of the bun that stick out and put everything with hairspray.

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