Hair scarves and bandanas will be your summer hair saver

Hot weather is lovely. It's an invitation to get to the nearest pool, beach or park and enjoy it in the summer sun. The only problem: hot weather means sweat and sweat means sticky, sticky hair.

To be honest, I have no problem with the appearance of sweaty hair. (The wet hair look is a thingThe problem is the sweating of the hair - nobody likes sticky, sweaty streaks that adhere to their neck, especially when they're already hot.

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If you have long hair, there is oneobvious solution: throw your hair in a ponytail or bun; Even if you have short hair, it is more difficult to cooperate with the ponytail when you rock a bob.

The thing is, every day for a season ofturning to the same hairstyle will be boring after, maybe, a week or two. (I have just come to accept that my commitment to the ponytail will never be comparable to that of Ariana Grande.)

Fortunately, some of ours haveStreet-Style Favorite Stars Two problems solved at once: They've figured out how to keep their necks cool without taking on a monotonous hair routine, and they've done so with the help of scarves and bandanas.

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No matter what your outfit looks like, you can find a hair scarf or a bandana that will look good on it. (I mean, there's one ton on the market - surely one of the countless options will steal your heart.

And that's not even the best part;Hair towels and bandanas are seasonally versatile. Once the hot weather subsides and you are tired of fitting your ponytail, you can attach your hair scarf to your neck, handbag or wrist.

Here are photos of 12 streetstyle stars tooSee who are dealing with the hair-shawl trend - plus 12 scarves and bandanas that you want to buy as long as the weather is still hot enough to wear.

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