Finally summer, finally sun tired! Just like our skin, our hair now needs extra protection against harmful UV rays. And not only that. Since in the summer salt and chlorine add water, as well as wind in addition to the hair, you dry it out, make it porous and remove its shine and color. Therefore, hair care in summer is very important!

Even dyed hair is not spared. On the contrary, dyed hair is even more sensitive than natural hair. Therefore, special protection is required to prevent the color from unintentionally fading or changing. But do not panic, you and your hair can enjoy the summer to the fullest and without much harm, if you pay attention to a few things in the hair care in summer: washing, grooming, shooters!

Hair care in summer

Sunscreen for the hair

To get your hair on a beach trip, oneTo protect your summer hike or stroll through a charming Tuscan town, you should prepare your hair in advance with specially tailored sunscreen products for your upcoming sunbathing outing. It is best to use shampoos, conditioners or non-greasy sunscreen sprays with UV filters. For very dry and stressed hair, it is advisable to use a nourishing oil or hair conditioner to pamper your hair while traveling. Simply massage in, twist the hair into a knot - and let it work.

If you have particularly thin or fine hair, you should play it safe and wear a headscarf or sun hat in between, or use a sunscreen spray with SPF 50.

Hair care in summer


Very important: After each swim in the sea or swimming pool, you should rinse your hair thoroughly. And since the combination of chlorine or salt water and sun stress your hair, you should give a special hair ritual at least twice a week.

Start with a gentle and nurturingShampoo that removes chlorine and salt from your hair and repairs the hair fiber in depth. After the shampoo comes ... of course, the conditioner. Here you have the choice between products that you can put in damp hair and rinse again after three to five minutes or leave in conditioner. And if you have blond hair, ideally you should use specially designed bleached hair products.

In addition, you should have your hair once a weekTreat the week with a hair repair mask. Above all, the lengths and peaks that the sun sets out in particular will be happy about the moisture mask. To achieve optimal care results, cover your hair with a warm bath towel during the exposure time.

Hair care in summer

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